How to bid

The word ‘bid’ means that you are interested in a property advertised on the web site and wish to be considered for the property. It does not mean that you will be offered the property, you are just expressing that you wish to be considered for the property.

You can bid for any number of properties but you must be eligible for them. The property ‘adverts’ on the web site will explain if there is any restriction on who can bid for the properties. For example some properties are only for people over the age of 55 years.

You can see current available properties by selecting the 'View' button without logging into your account but you must be logged in if you want to bid on-line.

You can bid On-line:

Bid on-line by logging into your account once you are registered.

Select 'Login' on the top right and enter your email address and password. You will then go directly to the 'My details page'. Here you will see your contact details and you have the option to amend if necessary.

Select 'Take a look' and you can see the properties available and those that you are eligible for. To view a property select interested in and place a bid if applicable. Once you place a bid on a property it will show as 'Bid Made'. If you change your mind you can select the property and remove the bid. This can only be done when the bidding
cycle is open.


If you have a smartphone, you can now download the FREE West Cheshire Homes App for Android and iPhones making it even easier to bid for affordable homes in West Cheshire and Chester.

Remember, data charges may apply so always check with your mobile provider

Download for Android

Download for iphone

What can you do on the app?
You can view adverts, bid for homes and update your contact details (phone numbers and e-mail)

What can't you do on the app?
You will not be able to register for West Cheshire Homes using the app or fill out a change of circumstance form.



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