Illegal Eviction and Harassment


The law protects tenants from being harassed or illegally evicted by their landlord. Failure to abide by the law is a serious offence which, in extreme cases, is punishable by imprisonment.

There are many actions a landlord could take which may amount to harassment. These include:

• being violent towards you or threatening violence
• entering your home without permission
• opening or intercepting your post
• coercing you to sign away your property rights
• restricting your access to essential utilities such as electricity or gas supplies

In order to end your tenancy and recover possession of their property, your landlord must follow the correct procedure which is defined by law. This applies even if you are in breach of your tenancy agreement, e.g. you owe rent.

Should your landlord simply throw you and/or your belongings out of the property or change the locks to prevent you gaining access, this is illegal eviction.

If you find yourself in this position, contact the Housing Options Team on 0300 123 2442 Option 2. Click on the web link below for advice.