Sheltered Housing

There are a number of properties that are designated for persons 55 and over. These properties benefit from fitted alarms and support. Some schemes will accept those under the age of 55 if a person has a need for the support offered.

The homes will usually be within a group of self-contained flats and/or bungalows. Some are designed specifically for disabled people and may have specialised facilities and specially trained staff to provide support. Many schemes have a common room and organise regular social events in which tenants may choose to participate.

Normally, scheme managers or wardens do not provide care services for residents or carry out tasks like shopping or cleaning (although they will help to make arrangements during times of illness). You can still apply to social services for support if you live in sheltered accommodation. For example, having meals delivered to your home if you have problems cooking.

Residents may have to pay a monthly service charge to help cover the cost of the scheme. But the amount you have to pay may vary, so always ask how much the service charge will be. It's also important to check what the service charge does not cover.