Your Housing Prospects

The demand for social housing is very high.  This means that you will need to be realistic in terms of the type of property you get and the area in which it is located.   To help you, this page contains useful information so that you can make an informed decision when placing bids for any vacant properties that are advertised on this website.

Headline information

  • There are 6,446 applicants on our housing register all looking for accommodation

  • There are 1,583 applicants in bands A and B all looking for accommodation.

  • Since April 2021, only 922 vacant properties have been advertised on this website.

  • One- and two-bedroom properties were the most sought after property type in terms of bedroom requirement.  

  • 863 applicants in bands A and B are looking for one or two bedroom properties.

  • Only seven 4-bedroom houses have been advertised since April 2021.

  • The average waiting time for an applicant in band A was 22 weeks and the longest an applicant in band A waited was 158 weeks.

  • The average waiting time for an applicant in band B was 38 weeks and the longest an applicant in band B waited was 261 weeks.

  • Since April 2021, only 297 properties have become available in Chester.

  • Only 442 properties have become available in Ellesmere Port and Neston since April 2021.

  • Since April 2021, only 312 properties have become available in Northwich.

  • Only 378 properties have become available in Winsford since April 2021.