Exchange your home with another tenant (Mutual Exchange)

If you hold a secure or assured tenancy (not a starter tenancy) you have a right to swap (mutually exchange) with another Housing Association or Council tenant. West Cheshire Homes main partners all subscribe to Homeswapper which helps tenants who are looking to exchange homes.

Before you consider exchanging your home, you need to ensure that:

1. Your home is clean, tidy and free of rubbish

2. If you have a garden, this is maintained to a good standard i.e. the grass is cut and any hedges trimmed

3. Any unfinished decoration must be completed to a reasonable standard.

4. You have a full complement of bins and re-cycle boxes, and that they are not contaminated with the wrong waste.

5. There are no rent arrears or re-charges on your account.

If you find a suitable tenant to swap with you, you must contact your own landlord to discuss this further. Some of your rights may be affected when you swap properties.