IMPORTANT NOTICE: for all applicants on the Councils housing register

Following the adoption of a new Housing Allocations Policy, the way in which the Council allocates social housing has now changed.

What this means

This means that only those people who have been assessed as having a statutory housing need will be allowed to bid for any vacant social housing.  A statutory housing need covers people who are homeless, are overcrowded, have an urgent or high medical need and/or are living in poor or unsatisfactory housing.  

What happens if I dont have a statutory housing need?

Applicants who do not have a statutory housing need will be placed in the Housing Options Band meaning they will not be able to bid for any vacant social housing however, they can visit the Your Housing Options page to look at alternative types of housing that may meet their needs. 


Coronavirus impacting on our usual service

To all our customers,

Please be advised that due to the Coronavirus the West Cheshire Homes telephone advice line is currently unavailable. However, if you contact West Cheshire Homes via email we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can but usually within 7 days.

You can email us on:

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards

West Cheshire Homes


Daily bidding - The way we advertise social housing has changed.

We have now introduced daily bidding.

What this means

This means that social landlords will be able to put an advert on the West Cheshire Homes website for any vacant property they have on any day of the week rather than waiting to advertise the property on a Thursday.  This means you will need to check more regularly on any potential vacancies that may come up otherwise you may miss out on being able to bid for a property in your chosen area. 

Why not set up a property alert

To prevent you from missing out on bidding for a potential vacant property, why not set up a property alert which will automatically notify you when a property that meets your needs becomes vacant.   Please read the section below on setting up a property alert.


Setting up a property alert

Did you know you can now set up a property alert to let you know when a property in your preferred area becomes available?

You can set up your own property alert by following the simple steps below:

1. Log into your account using your usual email address and password

2. Click on the Property Alert box

3. Click on each of the options and indicate your preferred choices

4. Indicate your preferred email frequency then lastly;

5. Click save and your property alert is ready to go.